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Our Story

Food as a category is going through a big change. It is breaking cultural barriers & taste barriers. With an increasing generation of people who are not only willing to try & taste different foods & cuisines, they are constantly on the exploration of finding the next level of tastes & experiences they have been familiar with.

The same is true for Beverages. A virgin mojito is now as common a drink as Jaljeera. Capuccino is a staple at any coffee outlet. Interestingly, in a tea drinking nation as ours, we have seen a more aggressive coffee revolution. Coffee has entered into the lives of non-coffee drinking
people & is growing. People are now seeking newer flavours, more distinctive aromas & blends.

At EXALTÉ TEA, we want to bring a similar revolution into tea. We want tea lovers to experience a world of flavours & aromas that will not only tingle the taste buds, but will create a sense of higher being.

That is the mission for EXALTÉ. We want to take tea to a much more exalted level. Where it is not just something that is passed as a morning ritual, but an experience unto itself. A state of being. Feeling luxury, feeling pampered, feeling the sense of satisfaction of being a consumer of
products that can start a nuanced discussion about premium lifestyle.

Story has it that when the Chinese stopped exporting tea to India in the 19th century, the English memsahibs asked the company generals to come up with a solution. They simply could not live without their afternoon brew!

The company officials planted the tea in the fertile slopes of Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiris and voila, they had the delicious steaming brew that the world has come to love.

A decade back, when Tea Curator, Shivani Chakravarty traveled to the Far East and discovered the flavours of Green Tea and the health benefits it offered, she knew that she had to start these flavours and health revolution in her own country.

Thus was born EXALTÉ.

A tribute to the rich tea tradition of India and a unique journey to curate an infusion of flavours in the ever evolving world of green teas.

Thoughtfully crafted to celebrate the joyous occasions in your life.

Our teas are carefully ensembled with natural and best ingredients to uplift your taste buds and stimulate your spirits.

Welcome to this journey of experience and discovery. Into a Palate of Divine Teas.

At EXALTÉ TEA, we also believe that Tea has to be celebrated. A thoughtful gift should include some finely selected tea with appropriate tea accessories to make the experience more enjoyable and a celebration in itself.

We create special occasion specific blends as per our client’s requirement.

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