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Black Tea: The Most Popular Tea in the World of Teas

Black teas are the most popular and aged of all teas. From picking through oxidation and drying, black tea leaves are subjected to every stage of the tea-making process!
The tea-making process starts by plucking the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant after rigorous withering, rolling and oxidation. The leaves are fired to end the oxidisation process, which is later dried for storage.
Oxidation is an important phase in the development of black tea’s taste. EXALTÉ extends a variety of premium black teas online in India.

Origin of Black Tea

While the real origin of black tea is unknown, it is believed to be the first form of tea brought to the western region of the globe. Because of its immediate popularity, adventurers introduced the tea to other parts of the globe, where it received similar admiration.

Types of Black Teas

All across the globe, black tea is cultivated and processed in a variety of climates and geographies. Globally, India, Sri Lanka and Africa are considered world’s top manufacturers of black tea. The prime tea producing regions in India offer a wide variety of black teas. They are all distinct in nature, texture, and taste.
Black teas from the Darjeeling region of India, are considered the most complex and flavourful. There is less astringency as the season goes on and more fruity characteristics emerge in black teas of this area.
Black tea from the Indian state of Assam has a distinct malty, honeyed taste with notes of wood and toasted almonds.
Nepalese black teas tend to have a prominent green flavour.
The cult following garnered by Assam and Darjeeling tea makes them the greatest black teas of all time. From full-bodied intense black tea with a complex taste to light-textured teas, EXALTÉ offers a range of black tea. Want to buy the best black tea online in India? Browse through our collection and get premium-quality black teas from the valley, delivered to you, at your doorstep.

Brewing Instructions

**Temperature of Water: 99 degrees Celsius
**Brewing Time : 1-2 minutes

Health and Wellness Quotient of Black Tea

Black tea has a wide range of health benefits. Black tea has high content of antioxidants that helps maintain healthy skin. In addition to skin, black tea also improves oral health. Another benefit of consuming black tea is it helps reduce bad cholesterol. It is also a great pick to help with intestinal disorders.

Premium black tea online in India by EXALTÉ

EXALTÉ, a luxury tea brand is here, with its range of exquisite teas. Each tea is carefully crafted and delivered to you, in the finest form. Whether you are searching for Ayurvedic Antistress black tea online or looking for the best Yoga Tea, we have something for everyone. For premium black teas online in India, look no further!

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