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Oolong Tea: Brew a Flavourful Blend of Health and Aroma

A tea connoisseur’s favourite, Oolong Tea, has characteristics of both the black and green tea. This delicious and extremely healthy tea comes from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, as do Green and Black Teas. What sets black tea and green tea apart from oolong tea is the oxidation process. Oolong tea leaves are partially oxidised, rolled into curled cylinders with a tail, or wrapped into bead-like spheres. If the tea is more oxidised then the Oolong properties lean more towards Black Tea and if the oxidation is minimal then Oolong has more properties of Green Tea.

For an intensely fresh taste with slight nutty tones, the leaves are dried, rolled and burned many times. The tea master who prepares the tea leaves must be able to detect the potential of a leaf, as well as be skilled in the process. The health benefits of oolong tea have piqued the curiosity of many tea connoisseurs, making it a popular choice. You can buy premium quality oolong tea online at EXALTÉ TEA.

The Origin of Oolong Tea

The old tales suggest that Oolong tea leaves were found by Wu Liang, a farmer who got distracted by a deer while picking tea. He followed the deer and lost track of time. When he returned, the tea leaves were withered and started oxidising. And, this gave birth to the now well known – Oolong Tea.

Oolong Tea’s Health Benefits

Oolong tea is infused with health benefits. This guilt-free, zero calorie beverage is a great choice to kick off your weight loss journey. When consumed in moderation, the alkaloids present in Oolong tea help enhance mental and physical well-being.

Oolong tea is a potent beverage that can help improve the production of serotonin and fight free radicals in your body. This popular tea is also known to lower the risk of heart attack and cancer.

Taste and aroma notes

The dominant crisp vegetal flavour with a sunny-sweet tinge makes lighter oolongs the best choice for most. However, oxidation tends to bring forth more floral aromas, a rich, buttery texture that stays on your tongue and a rounded, airy, nutty aspect that is more sophisticated than the standard green tea.

Brewing Instructions for Oolong Tea

To prepare a cup of perfect Oolong tea every time, invest in a premium quality leaf tea. You can buy the best loose leaf tea online at EXALTÉ TEA. Another important thing to keep in mind is maintaining the right water temperature with an accurate brew time. Adhere to the below-mentioned brewing instructions for a perfect cup of Oolong tea every time.

**The temperature of water: 85-90 degrees Celsius.
**Brewing Time: 2-3 minutes

Buy Oolong Tea online at EXALTÉ TEA

Oolong teas provide the combined health and flavour advantages of Black and Green tea. The popularity of Oolong teas has increased in recent years due to the many health advantages associated with Oolongs.
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