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Darjeeling Oolong Tea – Weight to go!


Darjeeling Oolong Tea: A Fresh and Exquisite Blend of Freshness and Elegance

The oolongs, also known as semi-fermented tea, exhibit characteristics of both, black and green tea. Beautiful, full-bodied tea with a refreshing flavor is what oolongs are all about!
The high-fired dark leaves packed with a seasonal earthy aroma are delicately coiled and twisted to produce the particularly brisk character of our Darjeeling Oolong Tea. Grown in small batches and prepared by hand, the best Darjeeling Oolong tea by EXALTÉ TEA strikes a chord unlike any other.

Highest Tea Grade

The complex, deftly dried leaf mix of Darjeeling’s bronzed Oolong leaves, incorporate mature leaves that have been tossed and shook several times to produce the slightly browned curled edges. This form of oxidation produces infusion into a clear brew having a nutty flavor with extraordinary health benefits.

Taste and Aroma

This aromatic brew is a favorite of experimental palates, with a roasted butternut texture and thick muscatel flavors having a tinge of astringency reminiscent of orange flowers.

With repeated infusions throughout the day, this tea will last you a long time. You may re-steep each serving of excellent quality loose-leaf tea.

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Brewing Instructions

**The temperature of the Water: 90 degrees Celsius
**Brewing Time: 2-3 minutes

Health Benefits

**May help lose weight – The presence of polyphenols boost metabolism and reduce fat absorption.
**May Improve Heart Health – The presence of antioxidants improves heart health.
**May help with stress management – Tea polyphenols are known to have a calming effect.
**Promotes Oral Health – This antioxidant-rich tea helps keep teeth strong.
**May Help Relieve Eczema – Oolong tea is rich in polyphenols that help relieve eczema.
**May Help Prevent Diabetes – The presence of Polyphenol antioxidants aids in the reduction of blood sugar and insulin levels.

An Exalted Tea Experience with EXALTÉ TEA

The whiff of tranquility – You can’t escape the enchanting aroma of the best Darjeeling Oolong dried leaves. A whiff… and you’ll be transported into the tranquil world.

Brewed to Perfection – Prepare a freshly brewed cup of tea with patience and care. It is all about enjoying the process.

An explosion of Flavors Take a sip of your freshly brewed tea and savor the flavor & texture of fireworks!

Indulge in Me time Enjoy your tea time – the time to pause and reflect. A haven away from the daily grind. It’s your time, so enjoy it.

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