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Darjeeling Silver Needle Luxure


Darjeeling Silver Needle Luxure: Enjoy the Exquisite Flavour of Rare and Expensive White Tea by EXALTÉ TEA

In the world of teas, white tea is the queen and Silver Needle is the most sought-after white tea. Silver Needle is a rare white tea prepared from the young buds, which requires skillful selection and careful processing of the leaves.

The delicate flavour of EXALTÉ TEA’s Darjeeling Silver Needle Luxure is a result of our most experienced tea pickers’ meticulous preservation of this texture. Try the best Silver Needle White Tea in India by EXALTÉ TEA.

Taste and Aroma

Darjeeling Silver Needle is an ivory-coloured tea with a delicate floral scent and silky viscosity that gradually rises and gives way to a meditatively brilliant lemon piquancy. There is a silky mouthfeel that dominates each cup of Darjeeling Silver Needle White Tea by EXALTÉ TEA. The presence of crisp cereal and dried flowers aftertaste can be felt through the end which is pleasant and sweet. It is the least processed tea and therefore, extremely rich in antioxidants.

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Brewing Instructions

**The temperature of Water: 85 degrees Celsius
**Brewing Time: 4-5 minutes

Health Benefits

**Helps boost immunity – The presence of natural antioxidants makes this tea a great fit in boosting an individual’s immune system and strengthening their resistance to free radicals.
**Heart-friendly – It may improve heart health by minimizing chances of heart attacks and strokes.
**Relaxing Indulgence – This herbal tea has marvellous effects when consumed before going to bed, it truly has a calming effect on the body.
**Helps with Weight management – The tea may help shed some kilos as it boosts metabolism, which causes the body to break down and use stored fat as energy.
**Calorie-free tea – Silver Needle White Tea is free from calories, fats, carbohydrates or sugars, making it the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.
**A gift for the digestive system – Stomach cramps, nausea and acidic issues are all kept under control with Silver Needle White Tea.

Darjeeling Silver Needle Luxure by EXALTÉ TEA

EXALTÉ TEA’s Darjeeling Silver Needle Luxure is true to its name – it is an opulent indulgence of the rare variant of white tea. Harvested and nurtured with care, we offer the best-quality silver needle white tea in India.

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