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Hibiscus Rosé Tea: An Infusion of Zesty Hibiscus with a Floral Undertone

Hibiscus Rose Tea has a high concentration of antioxidants, which may benefit your immune system, heart health, stress levels and sleep quality. With its deep crimson colour and powerful floral aroma, this herbal tea is smooth on the palate and healthy. Wish to indulge in the taste of this healthy concoction? Your search for the best Hibiscus Rose tea ends with EXALTÉ’s Hibiscus Rosé Tea. The delicious herbal tisane from EXALTÉ boasts of rose overtones counterbalanced with hibiscus notes. Low in calories, this gorgeous caffeine-free tea can be consumed any hour of the day.

Taste and Aroma Notes

Want a soothing yet luscious tea? Try EXALTÉ’s Hibiscus Rosé Tea. Sip your worries away with this cup of ruby-red tea that dominates the notes of tangy Hibiscus fused into the smooth texture of rosebuds. It is a treat for both physical and psychological well-being.
EXALTÉ’s Hibiscus Rosé Tea is loaded with exotic flair and positive energy. This herbal concoction can be served hot or cold, making it a versatile choice all year round.

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Brewing Instructions

**Temperature of Water: 99 degrees Celsius
**Brewing Time : 3-4 minutes

Health Benefits of Hibiscus Rose Tea

**Helps relieve Hypertension – Hibiscus Rose tea helps reduce anxiety and other stress-related issues.
**Hair Tonic – Who does not want a scalp full of lustrous, thick hair. Hibiscus flower is the best natural solution to all your hair problems.
**Aids weight Loss – It also helps with weight loss and management.
**Wards off flu – The herbal tisane has garnered accolades for its capability to keep infections, common cold and flu at bay.
**Helps Lower cholesterol levels – The presence of two potent ingredients, Hibiscus and Rose, makes this tea effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels.
**Prevents Ageing – The tea has anti-ageing properties, it also protects the liver.
**Helps relieve digestive issues – Hibiscus Rose tea by EXALTÉ TEA helps boost the immune system and relieves inflammatory and digestive issues.

Hibiscus Rose tea online in India by EXALTÉ TEA

Indulge your tastebuds in a delectable and nutritious combination of Hibiscus, Rose Buds with EXALTÉ’s Hibiscus Rosé Tea. The exquisite hibiscus blossom fused with the potency of rose makes our herbal tea the best relaxant. Enjoy the zesty, cranberry-like aroma of hibiscus with floral notes of rose flower with each sip with our Hibiscus rose tea online in India.

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