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Red Rose Bud Tea – Crowning Glory


Red Rose Bud Tea – The Elegance of Lady’s Tea amalgamated with Goodness of Herbal Tea

From the fragrant world of roses comes Red Rosebud tea. The name itself reflects tranquilly and purity. This herbal tea is a perfect blend of flavours that will keep your energy levels high and your young charm intact for years to come, thanks to the nutritious benefits of the freeze dried rosebuds.
Try Red Rose Bud Tea by EXALTÉ TEA and experience the fragrant and healthy world of roses! Red Rose Bud Tea is an ideal pick for a relaxing evening.

Taste and Aroma Notes

The exquisite flavour of red rosebud tea is transcendental, playing softly with the taste buds leaving an irresistible floral aftertaste. The aroma wafting from a hot cup of red rosebud tea engulfs you in a delicate cloud of a red rose blossom. Overall, the flavour and aftertaste are pleasantly sweet yet remain on the tongue for a long time. Brew a soothing cup of Red Rose Bud Tea with golden hues and experience the power of this exotic tea. It can consumed hot or enjoy it as a refreshing and cooling ice tea.

Health Benefits of Red Rose Bud Tea

**Helps fight cough and cold – This herbal infusion has a healthy impact on the immune system. It helps fight cough, cold and flu.
**Helps with Digestive troubles- The red rosebud tea helps clear toxic waste from the body, minimizing chances of urinary tract infections.
**Minimizes skin ageing – Herbal tea has a healthy impact on overall skin health. It has anti-ageing properties that also helps maintain a healthy glow.
**Helps relieve menstrual pain – Another feather to the cap is its ability to relieve menstrual pain.
**Stress Buster – Red rosebud tea has a calming effect on the nerves and is deemed as a great stress buster.
**Cooling and Soothing – On a scorching day, try this fragrant, caffeine free tea. It will cool and hydrate your system leaving you refreshed and fatigue-free.

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Brewing Instructions

**Temperature of the Water: 99 degrees Celsius

**Brewing Time: 3-4 minutes

Buy Red Rose Bud online tea in India by EXALTÉ TEA

The sweet and mellow flavour of rose, amalgamated with immense health benefits, makes Red Rose Bud Tea, one of the most popular herbal teas. Buy red rosebud online tea in India at EXALTÉ TEA – Palate of Divine Teas.

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