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The Temi Tea

The Temi Tea

The state of Sikkim is popular for its climate that goes from high alpine to subtropical thus providing unpanelled growth of diverse plants. The economy of the state depends upon the tea which only grows in a highly exclusive garden known as the Temi Tea Estate.

The Temi Tea Garden was set up by the government in the mid-1960s. And so to say, its efforts paid off well as the project soon started producing the quality of tea that commands respect amongst the tea connoisseurs across the world. To state here that it’s rarer than Darjeeling Tea and classified as “premium” amongst the tea varieties.

The Temi Tea has a golden hue and light floral finish. Its sweet taste lingers on for a longer time. This sweet taste becomes more prominent with the season change.

The specialty of Temi tea is it’s grown at a time when the mist falls and the rain pours down to later open up to plenty of sunlight. The beautiful slopes of Temi are the reasons for the amazing taste of the Tea, and that’s where the first flush of the world’s finest tea is produced. You can search for the best leaf tea online to find the Temi Tea products.

The Sikkim Temi Tea has various Flushes :

  • The First Flush is Sweet.
  • The Second Flush has a toasty, strong flavor that’s also mellow and smooth.
  • The Third Flush is full-bodied and has a mellow taste.
  • The Fourth Flush is also known as Autumn Flush and has a well-rounded taste with a hint of spices in it.

There is also a variety of delicate white tea produced in the region. It’s processed from the leaves just as they are about to unfurl. The processing leads to it having a strong flowery flavor.

The Temi Tea estate also manufactures Oolong Tea whose flavor profile ranges from a full-bodied to grassy, light, floral, toasty and sweet taste. The final taste profile depends upon your end goal in mind. It has to be steeped for a few minutes and then strained to make a perfect cup of tea.

Why should you try a Temi Tea?

If you want to try something different than your average cup of tea.
You are a fan of Darjeeling Tea.
You are a tea connoisseur and want to experience something more blissful than usual tea.

Well, Temi Tea when prepared authentically is arguably the best and most powerful drink you could ever consume in your life. The taste and aroma of Temi tea are enough for anyone to get addicted to it for life! You can also buy oolong tea online, which is also considered to be one of the finest tea drinks in the world.

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