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Camellia Sinensis is the plant which gives green, white, black and oolong teas. But is that the case with Herbal teas as well? First of all, herbal tea is not a true tea i.e. it is not a derivative of the Camellia Sinensis plant. This means that all Herbal teas are caffeine free. Herbal tea is actually an excellent infusion or a perfect blend of various barks, roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, etc. These are commonly known as Tisanes.

Herbal Tea is not something new, instead it has existed for a very long time. However, they have surged in popularity in the last few decades. All thanks to the beautiful aroma and the vibrant flavor. Every sip of EXALTÉ’s Herbal tea welcomes a calming sensation and helps relieve mental and emotional stress. In today’s time, stress is absolutely inevitable, but with herbal teas, one can get the opportunity to focus on one’s wellness holistically.


EXALTÉ features an exotic, wide collection of Herbal teas offering the goodness of natural herbs, spices, fruits and flowers and a burst of exquisite flavours, each rich in its own way to provide you with a relaxing experience like never before. For flavourful infusions, we bring fresh herbs that will help in cleansing your body and mind.

With each cup of EXALTÉ’s herbal tea, you can invoke a sense of calm and spiritual awareness in your body. To support a healthy mind and body, herbal teas are the finest choice. These are easier to consume and digest which is why they even act as a great detoxifier.

So, here is a collection of teas that helps you detox your body, relax your mind, build immunity and invoke spiritual awareness. Would you still choose something else over this? Choose the best herbal tea for Immunity at EXALTÉ.


EXALTÉ’s herbal teas are infused with natural fruits, roots, flowers and barks that bring together a majestic taste to every brew. While the tea is smooth on the palate, the burst of flavors with every sip is simply ethereal. Each herbal tea has a unique aroma and offers a delicate taste.
These teas are great detoxifiers and body-cleansers. There is absolutely no compromise to the fine taste of the teas. Welcome a celebration of taste and aroma in your palate with the right herbal blend from EXALTÉ. Get the best herbal tea in India from us.


**Temperature of the Water: 99 degrees Celsius
**Brewing Time: 3-4 minutes


Herbal teas have been long known for the medicinal qualities they offer. With every sip of EXALTÉ’s herbal tea, one can get:

**Improved Immunity
With the right herbal tea, one can improve their immunity without having to do a lot.

**Improved Gastrointestinal Health

Selected herbal teas are known to improve the digestive system and help in improving gastrointestinal health

**Regular Detox

Ate a lot during festivities? Suffering from bloating? One cup of herbal brew is enough for bodily detox!

**Healthy Periods

Cramps, uneasy 5 days, being sluggish, backache – Selected Herbal tea offers healthier, soothing and less painful periods.

Improved Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness

Steep wellness with every brew of EXALTÉ’s herbal tea and welcome a calm and relaxed state of mind!

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul with the best herbal tea in India from EXALTÉ

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