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The South African Teas

The South African Teas

Famous for its delicious coffee, South Africa may not be on people’s minds when they think of Tea. It seems the two can’t be separated as where there is coffee there is often Tea too.

South African Teas are known for their unique, strong, and delicious tastes. From herbal rooibos, honeybush to white, oolong, green, dark fermented, and black tea, Africa is home to many of them.

Produced from the Camellia Sinensis plant, all white, yellow, oolong, green, and black teas. Buy exquisite tea online that only differs in the way they are processed.

Let’s have a look at some of the famous South African Teas:

Rwandan Tea: A small country in the African Continent, Rwanda produces very delicious Teas including black, white, and green tea. Considered as one of the artisanal tea producers Rwandan Tea cultivation started only 70 years ago. A high-grown tea, it’s fresh and delicious.

Ethiopian Tea: Famous for its Coffee, Ethiopia is well known for its great tea too. Tea is a preferred and cherished drink in the country. Popular as Spiced tea Ethiopian tea is prepared with or without Black Tea and always without milk and sugar.

Red Rooibos: Exclusively found in South Africa, this herbal African tea rules many hearts across the world. It’s one of the healthiest herbal teas in the world and has an amazing color. Having high levels of antioxidants and no caffeine makes it a suitable drink for all age groups. It blends perfectly with fruits, flowers, chocolates, and spices. It boosts your immune system, reduces stress, keeps a check on blood sugar levels, and has many more benefits.

Green Rooibos: It’s the unfermented rooibos tea. Made from Aspalathus linearis, it is high in antioxidants. It has a fresher, sweet flavor to it. It’s caffeine-free and has no bitterness.

Honey Bush: Similar to the Rooibos, it’s made from Cyclopia Plant Species. A bit more brownish than the rooibos, it has a similar flavor as them. Being Caffeine free it provides a lot of health benefits. It’s also found to be anti-inflammatory and helps protect bones. It eases nausea and heartburn, boosts the immune system, and has many other soothing properties.

Thus, these ever-famous South African teas have conquered the world with their tastes and benefits and are considered the best online tea stores in India. A Tea Curator or a lover knows that they are worth the praise and deserve to be part of every household that is health-conscious. Do go ahead and taste them as and when you get a chance and don’t forget to visit the places where they are cultivated!

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