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The Teas of Srilanka

The Teas of Srilanka

The Highlands of Sri Lanka is perfect for high-quality Teas. Known as Ceylon Tea, Sri Lankan tea has an interesting history. It arrived as an ornamental plant from China, Assam, Kolkata, and Kenya and gradually grew into healthy bushes in the highland weather. Now there is a variety of Sri Lankan Teas that you can try out on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Most households in Sri Lanka have black tea as a winding down drink in the afternoon. They prefer a strong black tea with milk and sugar. Being an integral part of Sri Lankan culture you can find not only the usual teas but also some new blends and cocktails at specialized tea houses in the country. Let’s take a deep dive into the magic of Sri Lankan teas.

The Magic of Ceylon Tea:

The taste of the tea depends upon where it is grown. Hence the flavor of Ceylon tea is absolutely special. The natives believe that their groundwater has a magical quality and that makes the tea grown there special.

The basic and main kinds of teas are all manufactured from the Camellia Sinesis plant but it’s the soil and the weather that makes the difference in the flavor of the Tea. The areas where Tea grows in Sri Lanka are at different elevations and produce teas that are different in taste too.

Ceylon Black Tea:

Ceylon Black Tea is the commonest of all and is considered the cleanest tea all over the world as it’s free of pesticides. Plucked by master female pluckers it’s only the two leaves and a bud that are plucked. Then these are withered, rolled, fermented, dried, and sifted. Post that they are separated into different grades, the large wiry leaves are called Orange Pekoe, and then the others till the dust grade. Each has its intensity and color. The great varieties of Ceylon Black Teas are found in the classic blends like Earl Grey, Spiced Masala, Rose and French Vanilla, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, English Afternoon, etc.

Ceylon Green Tea:

Gaining traction outside of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Green Tea is processed differently than black tea. Its leaves are unfermented and its antioxidants are well maintained. They are picked, withered, heated, and then rolled before they are dried and sifted. Pure and Clean you can try varieties of Ceylon Green Tea such as Jasmine Green Tea, Lemongrass Green Tea, Mint Green Tea, and Real leaf green tea. There are also several teas that help you to cure stress, and you can search for antistress black tea online for ordering yourself.

Ceylon White Tea:

Involved in an interesting harvesting process, Ceylon White tea is the most unique and expensive tea in Sri Lanka. This white tea is plucked at the dawn and only the buds are plucked. The buds remain unfermented and are hand-rolled. It’s considered the healthiest one as it holds more antioxidants than green and black tea. Having a subtle and light color it has less caffeine. Commonly referred to as “Silver Tips” it’s found in various packings in Sri Lankan Tea Shops. Some of them are Ceylon Silver Tips Real White Tea, White Litchee hand-rolled Tea, and Jade Butterfly handmade white tea. You can also buy white tea online in India from a genuine online tea store.

So here we learned about varieties of Sri Lankan Teas that are exported across the world and have a unique place in every tea lover’s heart. And hence it calls out for a session where you must go and taste them to get the real feel of the Ceylon Teas that are famous for their uniqueness!

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