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The Kangra Tea

The Kangra Tea

This Northern state of India, Himachal Pradesh, was only famous for its scenic views until the Estates of organic teas in Kangra came into the limelight. Being located at a height this picturesque state boasts of rich loamy soil that gets aided by cool climate and abundance of rainfall. Kangra tea estates are known to have produced the most exquisite black and green teas. You can find and buy loose green tea online in India.

The Kangra tea estates are the smallest in the Indian continent. It’s the Dhauladhar mountain that offers a backdrop to the valley and there are a few other factors that make Kangra a favorable place for tea cultivation.

The temperature here remains between 13-35 degrees centigrade hence making the cropping season between March and October ideal for tea cultivation. The valley receives a well-distributed rainfall between 250-230 cms, which is ideal for a tea plant to grow.

Looking back at the history the tea production in Kangra started in the mid-19th century when it was found suitable for tea cultivation by Botanical Tea Gardens. The first plantation was done in a Hotel near Palampur. Situated at the height of 1260 above sea level, the initial tea plants grown here were of Chinese origin and from 1982 more than 9000 acres of land came under tea cultivation.

Surviving an earthquake in 1905, it suffered until in 1964 some cooperative tea processing units were established. But by the year 2004, the tea business came down drastically. Post that the Tea Board of India took up the responsibility to support those tea planters and revive the industry there.

The Tea board of India not only trained some planters in growing and harvesting tea but also attracted some investors to put in money in support of the industry. Today Kangra gas has more than 6000 tea gardens.

The Tea produced in Kangra is considered very good and better than any other estate in India. It has even won many awards both in India and abroad for its superior quality.

The Tea that dominates production in Kangra is Orthodox Black tea. Only the “Mann Tea Estate” has a limited quantity of production of hand-rolled oolong and silver needle white tea. Whereas an estate in “Wah” produces high-quality Green Tea as well.

The gift of Kangra tea is its vegetal, green aroma and subtle pungency which is understated and pleasant. So though the smallest of tea estates in India, Kangra Tea has its admirers that throng the state to soak into the aromas and taste of this Himalayan Gift. Buy the best black tea online in India and enjoy the green aroma.

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