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Fine Grade Matcha


Matcha Tea: A Magnificent, Versatile Tea

Japanese fine-grade matcha green tea has garnered a cult following over the years. Indulge in the earthiness and redolence with a silky smooth texture that evokes grandeur. Get your daily dose of antioxidant-rich goodness; buy matcha green tea online in India by EXALTÉ TEA.

Intensely flavourful and versatile, this tea offers choices like no other. Enjoy it as a green tea, a Matcha Latte or as a smoothie.


Taste and Aroma Notes

Matcha, similar to green tea, is derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant, however, the two plants grow in different environments. A month before harvesting, the tea plants of Matcha are covered with shade cloths. This helps limit exposure to direct sunlight while increasing chlorophyll and amino acid content.

The veins and stems are carefully removed. The Fine-grade matcha powder is then produced by grinding the leaves. Matcha green tea has an earthy and grassy aroma followed by an umami-tinged sweetness that lingers on the palate.

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Brewing Instructions

**Temperature of Water : 80 degrees Celsius
**Brewing Time : 2-3 minutes

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

A single cup of Matcha Tea offers health benefits equivalent to 10 cups of Green Tea due to its rich anti-oxidants content.

**High in Antioxidants – The catechins present in Matcha Tea powder play a key role in preventing chronic illness by neutralizing the toxic free radicals.
**May help with weight loss management – Matcha green tea aids with weight reduction. It boosts energy by accelerating metabolism.
**Helps improve Liver Health – Matcha green tea helps filter out pollutants and protects the liver from toxins, minimizing the risk of liver illness and damage.
**Promotes Heart Health – Drinking Matcha green tea promotes a healthy heart and relieves stress at the same time.
**Helps improve skin – If you desire beautiful skin and a radiant complexion, matcha green tea is the ideal option for you. Inflammation is reduced, and dead skin cells are expelled by using matcha green tea powder.
**Improves Oral Health – Match green tea helps prevent bad breath and enhance good oral health.

Buy matcha green tea online in India

The fine-grade matcha powder, when brewed to perfection, swirls into frothy matcha tea. This magnificent tea is a powerhouse of energy enriched with chlorophyll, catechins, and antioxidants. Your search for fine-grade matcha powder ends here! Buy matcha green tea online in India by EXALTÉ TEA.

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